What are Essences and Vibrational Medicine?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Have you ever seen a drop of rain or dew on a flower or leaf? glistening in the sun, glowing and winking all the colours of the rainbow at you? Have you gone to this water drop and looked at it closely, said a prayer and dropped it onto your body or into your mouth? This is pure essence and I absolutely love it when that happens. Its such a subtle, beautiful healing frequency … its magic and it feels like that drop was there just for you, as only you can see the colours, the light reflecting from the sun like it is winking at only you. Its pure magic.

"such a subtle, beautiful healing frequency … its magic and it feels like that drop was there just for you"

An essence is the energetic imprint of frequency in water. It is subtle and delicate and profoundly healing. Essences are a vibrational medicine, like homoeopathy. I was first introduced to essences during my naturopathic studies about 26 years ago. It was my favourite subject, I loved the subtleness and delicateness of this medicine and I soon realised that this was a very important way of treating as it works on the energetic bodies and energy centres rather than the physical body. So when an essence is ingested, it is our aura that responds. Within our aura we have layers of energetic bodies, that include, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Etheric Body, Celestial Body and Causal Body. These bodies connect us to the unseen in our lives including our mental and emotional, to connection to our spiritual world, therefore vital for our wholistic wellbeing, spiritual and soul development and mind / body wellness. It is important for all of these energy layers to be in harmony in order for physical homoeostasis as our physical body corresponds closely to the frequencies and energy surrounding. As we know, how we think can affect our physical health dramatically. Louise Hay spent her life teaching the world positive affirmations for this very reason.

Dr Emoto's Water Experiment. 'Love'.
"Amazing to think that our body is made from 70% water, so therefore our physical body does respond to the frequencies that surround us."

Dr Emoto’s water experiment has become famous. He proved to the world that words carry frequency, and these frequencies have a profound affect on water. The ice crystals from water that has been imprinted verbally with, ‘I Love You’, or ‘Thank you’ were amazing crystalline mandala like structures with symmetry and beauty. The ones with negative words and frequencies created black holes and corrupted structures. Amazing to think that our body is made from 70% water, so therefore our physical body does respond to the frequencies that surround us.

Homoeopathic medicines were founded by a Samual Heineman in the 1700’s. It is a brilliant system of medicine based on the philosophy of ‘like cures like’. ‘Homo’ meaning same or similar. The correct spelling of Homoeopathy is with the Homo, however this extra o has been omitted. I personally have used homoeopathy for the past 25 years, and have used it for all 3 of my children for all of their lives. I have often said that I don’t know how anyone would get their kids through childhood without homeopathic medicines. This system of medicine has deleted the need for the use of antibiotics, paracetamol as well as other common medicines used for children. It has certainly given them a great start to their immunity, resistance to disease and future health.

The Doctrine of signatures are used to know what a specific medicine or essence will be used for. Also following the ‘like cures like’ philosophy, we can see in the plants and flowers or crystals, certain aspects that may look like a kidney, or another organ of the body, or the colour corresponds to to a chakra etc. Therefore we know the area of the body and energy centre each frequency can bring into balance.

Crystals in themselves are vibrational medicine. Not only pretty rocks, they correspond to the chakras and their frequency can make changes within our vibration. Hold a rose quartz over your heart chakra and breath into your heart and notice how you feel after 5 mins. Crystals are amazing vibrational healers. Also subtle, but so very powerful at the same time. Crystals can transmute energy, bring energy to, balance or take energy away. They all carry different frequencies, and if cleansed and charged regularly, are beautiful vibrational companions to keep on us, or within our space. I have been making crystal essences for a very long time and I have a large range of essences available.

"Sacred Geometry holds the ancient knowledge for our future evolution and are corrective in nature to our frequency that has been distorted for so long."

Recently I have seen the healing powers of Sacred Geometry. I have experienced shifts within myself that are profound and mind blowing to say the least. I decided to experiment with sacred geometry essences, and the results that people have reported are really next level. I believe that Sacred Geometry holds the ancient knowledge for our future evolution and are corrective in nature to our frequency that has been distorted for so long. Sacred geometry holds the keys to creation, and can open doorways to our inbuilt inner knowledge within.

If you feel the need to embark on the journey of using vibrational essences, you may feel like nothing is happening as they are indeed very quiet, delicate and subtle. You may go through expressions of emotions as it comes to the surface for release, or a profound shift in your life, like a decision, or something that causes change. All of these are healing, and bringing you gently into balance. Each time you begin an essence, take it for 2 weeks morning and evening. Each morning as you wake up, and every evening just before you go to sleep. This is the time when you are the closest to yourself, and your soul, and you will assimilate the essence much more easily. After you finish your bottle, take some time to reflect. I find a week or 2 is good, write a diary, and be aware of your emotions, thoughts and conclusions. You very well may find that you have shifted to the next level, or that you have been in a healing crisis. The good thing about essences is they are gentle, so if you do find yourself in a healing crisis, the essences are supportive and bringing you lovingly into balance, and this may not happen without some pain. Generally people do find themselves moving on in ways they have been stuck, and feeling peace about situations that have worried them. Or finally getting over something that has held them back. Know that when you are taking an essence, that something is happening, whether you are acutely aware or not.

As we are all ascending and becoming more and more sensitive to vibration as we are awakening to our pure potential that we all have within us. We are seeking higher consciousness and ancient knowledge, and especially looking to overcome emotional issues and blockages, to self love and self heal, to better ourselves and to advance our soul for a happy life filled with abundance and love.

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Written by Kylie Davidson


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