The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The Ace of Swords indicates that one is about to experience a moment of breakthrough.

Yesterday, I woke so blissful, so happy, so full of love peace and happiness. I really felt the happiest that I had felt in a long time. The sun is on my Venus, so yes … I was feeling good. I had been reflecting on the work I have been doing on myself, and how I am at the place I that I have strived so hard for so long for. It didn’t depend on anything outside myself, only me, and I was in awe of this lightness I felt in my being. Everything looked magical, the colours so bright, the sky and clouds so pretty, breathing deeply, smiling to myself, I was feeling just like magic.

I met my friend, and we were sitting together talking about inspiring, thought provoking, philosophical things. He said to me, “Wow, you are so radiant, look at you, Glowing.” And I felt it !! You would never believe what happened next. A negative force known to me as ‘Bunny Boiler Stalker', (term coined from the movie ‘Fatal Attraction’ with Glenn Close) obsessed with my friend and so jealous of our connection, came up to us and proceeded to try to ‘throw me under the bus’!! Oh My Goddess, from where did this horrid frequency of spiteful negativity come from? And the things that were said was a deliberate attempt to upset, destroy and divide. Shocked by the gall and audacity of this sorry pathetic sight, I put my sword back in its sheath, and my friend and I walked away. Yes both of us shaken and upset by what had just happened, the beautiful energy of the day that started so wonderfully had been ruined.

Lucky I was aware of the current planetary positions, because I knew that something could have happened during the next few days to pull me off balance and take my light. Pluto square Mars was testing me. I have natal Mars square Pluto so I know first hand the power this aspect holds. My Mars is at a very powerful point and degree, and being aware of this at this time, working through my personal trials, was a gift. Sitting in my emotions, processing my thoughts, it was not long before I rose up. I felt such power within myself. I felt determination and a great sense of self, the strong one within where nothing can touch me. And especially ‘Bunny Boiler Stalker’. I have set myself free. I am the leader in my life and I will not allow the shadow part of myself unconsciously rule my life.

Astrology has been my passion and obsession for a few years now. I have spent most of my time studying my chart and the current transits. I have learned so much about myself, a lot I know, and a lot I didn’t understand. And as I delve deeper and deeper into my own chart, I am accepting parts of me that I was once afraid of, or loving parts that I once hated. The personal healing journey through astrology for me has been profound, and has taken me on many healing journeys. In the instance I have mentioned above, I feel that I have, if not well on my way to, mastering the Mars Pluto square in my chart. I was able to rise above this negative force, put away my sword and pick up my pen. One of the last things that my husband wrote before he left his body was, ‘The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.’ I knew this was a deep and beautiful message to me when I found it. I knew it was time to pick up my pen. Tremendous gratitude to My David, who taught me so many important life skills, and trained me so well for this part of my life I am going through now. I feel him smiling at me as I pass these great tests of life.

Written by Kylie Davidson


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