New Moon Manifestations

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

"Manifest your wildest dreams."

The new moon is all about planting seeds. It is the best time of the month to be manifesting, and putting out there what you would like in your life, go for it and dont hold back … Manifest your wildest dreams. So in order to prepare for your new moon ritual, there are a few steps to make sure you do to get the most out of your manifestations, and to make them extra powerful.

Crystals can really help to bring a greater power to your manifestation. It does depend on what you would like to bring in as to which stones to use. Clear Quartz is a master healer, you may program it for anything and it will take on any frequency you give it, so if you use one crystal this would be it. I would also use a Smoky Quartz with it to ground the manifestations into the here and now on the earth. Amethyst is also a great all rounder. Amethyst is a very supportive energy and you can use this one for personal and spiritual manifestations. However if you would like to attract money, use Citrine, for Love, Rose Quartz, and the list goes on. This is a very general suggestion, you can get very specific with crystals to use.

1. Think about what it is you would like to manifest while you cleanse your space. So in order to do this, you will need some White Sage Smudge, or a Space Clearing Spray. Make sure it is clean and clear of any clutter or anything that may be negative vibrationally. While you are clearing your space, make sure that you also cleanse any crystals that you may like to use during your ritual.

2. Clear your personal energy. Me personally, I will go for a swim in the ocean and consciously cleanse my aura with the salt water and the waves. I use the sun to consciously fill my aura with the golden light of the source. I will then use my Clearing Essence or White Sage Smudge. But if you cant get to the ocean, a gorgeous quick shower, or a bath with sea salt with essential oils will work just as well.

Although its important to cleanse your aura, and your space it is up to you to what extent you feel you need it. If you dont have time for all of this, then you can just visualise white light surrounding you and pour white light through your energy field. Its quick and effective. For me its a self loving ritual to cleanse my energy. So I do take the time if I have the time. And I do it consciously.

"Every single word and intention must be expressed in the present moment."

3. So now you are feeling gorgeous and filled with love and light, you have cleared any unwanted energy away, its now time to write your list of what you would like to manifest during this beautiful time of the month, the new moon.

If you get nothing else from this, you must get this next point I am about two make. Every single word and intention must be expressed in the present moment. So as you are writing your list, you might think, ‘I want new friendships in my life’. You need to think in the present moment like you already have it. So correct it on a new piece of paper to

‘Thank you for all of the new friends in my life, in divine harmony now and always’.

Or if you would like to attract more money, you could say something like

‘I am filled with gratitude that my bank account is ever increasing the amount of funds available to me’.

Or to attract a new love into your life.

‘Thank you universe for a loving relationship in my life in divine harmony now and always’.


‘My heart is filled with love, and what I put out I receive back in a beautiful loving relationship in divine love and harmony now and always’.


‘My heart is open to receive love and I attract a compatible person to share life with now.’

And a couple of other ideas.

‘i am always connected to higher divine guidance’

‘i am in my natural state of joy and happiness now and always’.

‘Thank you for all of the positive experiences that I encounter everyday that contribute to my joy.’

You will notice that each of these statements are in the present moment that you have what you want now …. And they all have gratitude for the divine. It is good to be as detailed as you can, so you may want to add all, of the qualities you want in your friends etc.

4. Clear your mind, Surround yourself in White Light, fill yourself with the divine rainbow colours, Light your candle, and your incense, or smudge stick, Spray your essences. Thank the Universe, Angels and Divine Light Beings for supporting your frequency, holding the Light and for Protection.

5. Begin to say your manifestations. Say them out loud with conviction, feel it in your being, you feel what it feels like to already have it. You bring it from your root chakra right at the bottom of your spine, and bring it up through all of your chakras and project it out of your third eye. So see yourself already having it, speak yourself already with it, and feel what it feels like to have it.

"Give thanks to all you have in your life right now, and feel your heart filled with joy and abundance."

6. Gratitude is something always to be remembered. Give thanks to all you have in your life right now, and feel your heart filled with joy and abundance.

7. So now your manifestations are done. You may keep your paper that you have written your manifestations on. Place it somewhere in your home, and put a crystal on it. You may also put a crystal grid onto to give it more power.

Many New Moon Blessings. May you manifest all you wildest dreams and desires. So Be It, and Be It So Now.

I have created a Lunar Pack to help you to manifest during the New Moon, and to release and let go during the Full Moon. It consists of beautiful vibrational essences and crystals, and some white sage. This kit also comes with full instructions on how to work with the lunar cycle. You can buy it here.

Written by Kylie Davidson


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